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Bee Sting Cake

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Bee Sting Cake:

Filled With vanilla cream and topped with honey and almonds this cake is difficult to resist. Line the base of a springform, measuring about 23cm in diameter, with aluminum foil, grease the foil and dust with flour.

Yeast Dough:

(1) 250g flour and 1/2 teaspoon dry yeast  

(2) 200ml milk,50g butter,50g fine sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt

(3) 1 egg lightly beaten
(1) mix in a big bowl and set aside)

(2) heat these ingredients up until butter starts melting, then remove from heat and keep stirring until sugar and butter have melted

(3) add and mix

Pour the mixture over the flour and combine the ingredients with a strong wooden spoon, lifting it from below and turn it briskly until air bubbles appear and the dough has a heavy drop-off consistency.spoon the dough into the springform and leave in a warm place until it has risen double its size. preheat the oven 10 minutes before baking.                                                                      

Bake: Bee Sting Cake

For 20 minutes in a medium-hot oven or until fully cooked, but not yet brown on top. Remove from the oven and spread the following topping over it.


(1) 50g margarine

(2) 1 serving spoon honey  

(3) 25g almonds
(1)  warm-up until very soft

(2) mix with margarine

(3) roughly crush and add, mix well


For another 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool off completely then remove the rim of the springform and cut the cake horizontally into two halves. Remove the upper half of the cake. line the rim of the springform with foil or butter paper then fix it back to the base. Make the following filling:


(1)200ml milk.

(2)4 tablespoon custard powder 3-4 tablespoons sugar       1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence.

(3) 2 teaspoon gelatine.  

(4) 200ml cream.       
(1) pour into a saucepan.

(2) mix with milk and bring to boil stirring continuously. when the cream is smooth and thick, remove from heat.

(3) add and mix until dissolved.

(4) add and mix well until the cream is smooth.

Spoon the mixture over the lower half of the cake and gently cover with the other half. Refrigerate for about an hour until thoroughly cooled

Note:  Bake: Bee Sting Cake

It is important that the rim of the springform is lined, before adding the filling in order to avoid the cream from absorbing the aluminum taste of the rim
Why is this cake called ”bee sting?: It is said that long ago when the baker wanted to make this cake, he had to fetch the honey from the comb, whereby he got stung by the bees. (true or false, nobody knows)

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