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Cream Cheese Tart

How To Make Cream Cheese Tart (Easy Method)|Food|cake|recipes ?

Cream Cheese Tart
A very light and refreshing tea time tart. 
Grease the base and the rim of a springform, measuring about 23 cm in diameter and sprinkle with flour. keep ready.

Pastry Dough:

(1) 200 g flour    

(2)100 g salted butter  

(3)1 tablespoon fine sugar

(4)1 egg  

(5)1-2 tablespoon cream    
(1) shift into a big bowl

(2) add and rub into the flour with a finger until mixture looks like breadcrumbs

(3) add and mix

(4) add and mix

(5) add and combine

Press dough into a ball and refrigerate for about one hour, cover with a damp cloth. Remove the rim of the springform and roll out the remaining dough 1/2 com thick over the base remove the covering part, at that point fit the edge back to the base. Form the remaining dough make a thin roll and place it around the inner side of the springform. Pull the roll upward with fingertips and press firmly to the rim making. a 3 cm high edge. Prick the base with a fork serval times, so that the steam can escape while baking.preheat the oven.


(1) 250g package yogurt    

(2) 150g fine sugar  

(3) some drops of vanilla essence  

(4) 4 eggs  

(5) 50g fine breadcrumbs  

(6) 200ml cream      
(1)(mix well with a beater )

(2) (add and further mix)

(3) (add)

(4) (add to mixture one at a time)

(5)add to mixture

(6) beat until stiff and fold into the mixture spoon this filling over the dough

Bake: for an hour in a medium-hot oven.cool altogether before expelling from the pie dish.

N.B. Use Only packaged yogurt, Such as Nestle, prime or similar.

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