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Creme Brulee Tart

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How To Make Creme Brulee Tart (Easy Method)|Food|cake|recipes ?

Creme brulee tart
this tasty cream tar, with a caramelized sugar top, is french especially,
Oil the base and edge of a springform, estimating about 23cm in distance across, and dust with flour. keep ready
pastry dough:

(1) 225g flour
(2) 100g salted soft butter
(3) 3 tablespoon fine sugar
(4) 1 egg sightly
(5) 1 tablespoon water 
(1) shift into a big bowl
(2) rub into the flour with fingers until mixture looks like breadcrumbs
(3) add and mix
(4) add and  mix
(5) add 

Press dough into a ball, cover the bowl with a damp cloth and refrigerate for about one hour. preheat the oven.
Remove the rim of the springform and roll out the dough 1/2cm thick over the base, cut away the overlapping part.then for the rim back on the base. Form the remaining, make a thin roll and place it around the inner side of the springform. Pull the roll upward with fingertips and press firmly to the rim making a 3cm high edge. prick the base with a fork serval times, so that the steam can escape while baking.
Dazzle heat for 10 minutes, at that point, evacuate the beans and the foil, keep preparing for an additional 10 minutes. leave to cool

(1) 300ml cream 3 tablespoon milk
(2) 4 egg yolks and 50 g fine sugar
(3) 2 tablespoons vanilla and custard powder
(4) 3 drop vanilla essence
(1) heat up on a low fire 
(2) beat until creamy
(3) add and mix
(4) add and make a smooth batter. pour the mixture slowly into cream, continue stirring and then remove from heat. spoon filling into the pastry crust. 


for approx 30-40 minutes in the medium-hot stove or until the surface turns out to be firm. Cool Tart

Caramelized before serving:

 3 tablespoon fine sugarsprinkle over the tart and place it under the oven grill, until the sugar gets brown (oversee the process, it only takes 1-2 minutes)

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