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Linzer Tart

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How To Make Linzer Tart (easymethod)|recipe|cake|tart ?

Linzer tart
The conventional tart from Austria is loaded up with home-made jam; together with the pecan cake. it is a deliciously sweet mouth-watering combination.
thoroughly grease a springform, measuring about 23-26 cm in diameter. keep ready

Pastry dough

(1) 100g soft butter and 100g fine sugar
(2) 11 inch cinnamon stick and 2 cloves
(3) 1 egg white
(4) 100g ground walnuts
(5) 125g flour
(1) beat together until smooth
(2) grind these ingredients, add and mix
(3) add and keep on mixing
(4) add and press together into a dough.
(5) add and press together into a dough.refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat the oven
place the base of the springform together with the mixture into a plastic bag, roll over the plastic bag with the folding squeezing the batter into the base around 3/4 cm thick. thick. Remove plastic remove covering mixture and connect the edge to the base. make flimsy move from the remainder of the dough, leaving some for the improvement .place the move around the internal side of the edge and with a fork press the move down to make an edge.

 4-5 serving spoons plum or strawberry jamfilling into the tart

Use a biscuit cutter and cut out some stars from the remaining dough. place decoratively.on the jam filling.


In medium hot broiler for around 40 minutes or until the mixture is light dark-colored.

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