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Sweet Cream Tart

How To Make Sweet Cream Tart (Easy Method)|Food|cake|recipes ?

Sweet Cream Tart

This is anything but difficult to plan tart is perfect for your youngster’s lunch box,can be taken during an early in the day short breather.Grease the base of a springform, measuring about 23cm diameter and sprinkle with flour. Keep ready.

Yeast dough

(1) 200g flour

(2) 25g salted soft butter 1/2 teaspoon dry yeast 1 tablespoon fine sugar and 1 egg yolk

(3) 50ml milk
(1) place into a big bowl

(2) add and mix

(3) add and  make a dough

Roll out dough over the base of the springform, cut off the overlapping part and fit the rim to the base. Form the remaining dough make a roll and place it around the inner edge of the rim .pull the roll-up with the fingertips to about 3 cm. Cover the springform with a cloth for 1/2 hour in a warm place. prick the base with a fork, So that the steam can escape while preparing. Preheat the oven


(1) 50g sugar

(2) 200ml cream,2-3 drops vanilla essence

(3) 4 tablespoon sugar
(1) sprinkle over the dough

(2)mix and spoon over the dough

(3) spread over the filling

Bake: For the 40-50 minutes in a medium-hot oven or until golden.

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